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Thermal label printer 4 inch single thermal shipping label printer

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Portable Thermal Printer
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【Fast printing and automatic paper cutter】 The printing speed is as high as 180mm/s, one sheet per second, with strong compatibility, compatible with most face sheet software on the market, easy to operate, automatic inspection of paper, automatic return function, saving the first time One sheet of paper, supports black mark paper.

【Material】 The shell is made of thermoplastic ABS material with high strength, good toughness, and easy processing. The GD series chips are used to make the Flash and RAM larger and faster, and at the same time, the quality of the core components of the motherboard is well guaranteed.
[Advantages] Anti-drop, anti-fall, anti-compression
【Wide range of applications】: A better choice for retail stores, grocery stores, clothing stores, supermarkets, coffee shops, ticket offices, food trucks, banks, restaurants and any other business that uses receipts.

printing method thermal printer
print order TSPL can be customized (CPCL/ZPL/EP)
print paper label
printing speed 180mm/s
print width 104MM
Maximum paper width 110MM (adjustable 40-110mm)
print interface USB, USB+Bluetooth
support system Android&ios&Windows&Mac
Diameter of paper bin Outer paper bin
battery capacity plug-in
print life 50KM
adapter DC 24V-2.5A
Product Weight 1.48KG
Package dimensions 270*200*140MM

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  • Model SL-H8081U
    Printing method Thermal printer
    Printing width 104mm
    Print command TSPL(optional CPCL/ZPL/EP)
    Resolution 203DPI(optional 300DPI)
    Printing speed 127mm/s(optional150mm/s)
    ASCII Font A12×24 ASCII Font B 9×17 24×24
    Connection Android & iOS & Windows
    USB version Windows/Linux/Mac OS
    Bluetooth version Windows/Android/iOSs
    Max paper width 38-120MM
    Support paper Label paper, continuous paper, black label paper, folding paper
    Paper thickness 0.06-0.18mm
    Paper loading  Easy paper loading structure
    Positioning  Photoelectric sensor
    Label height  Min 30mm; max 250mm
    Label width  Min38mm; max112mm
    Font barcode rotation Support
    Temperature detection Thermistor
    Printing life 50 KM (label paper);150KM (continuous paper)
    Paper cutting method Manual tearing
    Paper out detection  Optocoupler detection
    Extended character table CP437,CP850,CP852 etc.
    Buzzer prompt Support
    USB type 1*standard USB
    Product weight 1kg
    Working environment 0-45℃
    Working humidity 20-90%
    Storage temperature  -10-60℃
    Storage humidity  10-90% (except paper rolls)
    Dimensions 222x102x96mm
    Outer box size 26×13.6×19.1cm, 1.71kg
    Accessories Adapter, power cord,cable,quick safety guide