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Shrink Wrap Machine Supplier Industrial Automatic Packaging For Sale

Short Description:

Power:220v 50/60Hz
Power input:Power input
Max.package height:85mm
Sealing line dimension:650×550mm
Production capacity:Production capacity
Machine dimension:2500*700*1500mm
Payment:Payment: T/T, L/C, PayPal


















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<what is shrink wrapping machine?>
Shrink wrap machines, also known as shrink packaging machines, are industrial equipment used to package products by applying heat to shrink a plastic film tightly around them. This process is called "shrink wrapping," and it offers several advantages, including product protection, tamper resistance, and a professional appearance. 

Product lntroduction
Fully automatic sealing& slitting machine,can be used for automatic shrinking package for the production line.Film folding type,the other 3 sides can also be sealed.Constant temperature heating,quality check of the sealing can be conducted by photoelectricity unit.Optional mode between automatic material feeding and manual material feeding.This machine can be used for sealing and slitting PE,POF heat-wrapping film,resulting a fancy sealing edge,especially suitable for PDF sealing and slitting.When the size of the processed product is changed,beside making simple adjustment by using the hand wheel,no need to change any other spare parts,thus,saves the time of doing the adjustment and more easy to maneuver.Speed adjustable material feeding system at the front,and storage working platform at the rear,ensures the entire machine to be high production speed and unmanned operation. 





220v 50/60Hz

Power input


Max.package height


Sealing line dimension


Production capacity


Pneumatic pressure


Machine dimension


Machine weight



<why use shrink wrap machine to sealing product?>

Preservation of freshness and extended shelf life: shrink wrap machine create hermetically sealed packages that prevent air and moisture from entering the interior of the package.
Protection against contamination and external pollution: Sealed packaging effectively prevents external contaminants such as dust, bacteria and micro-organisms from entering the product.
Provides protection against counterfeiting: Thermoplastic packaging often provides an effective protection against counterfeiting, as signs will show up as soon as the package is opened or tampered with.
Enhances appearance and sales appeal: Thermoplastic packaging can provide a professional and attractive appearance to the product, which can help to increase sales.
Packaging to secure or bundle multiple products: Thermoplastic packaging machines can be used to package multiple products, such as combo packs, kits or multipacks.
Reduced wastage: Since thermoplastic packaging can pack products more tightly, it reduces material wastage, reduces the size of the package and reduces packaging costs.
Reduced wastage: As thermoformers can pack products more tightly, there is less material waste, smaller pack sizes and lower packaging costs.





Q: Are you a factory or trading company?

A: We are the biggest converting factory in south of China

Q: Can you do design for me?

A: our professional designer will make artwork for cartons and printing.

Q: Can I have a sample order for paper roll?

A: sample pacakge with different quality are free for picking up 

Q: What about the lead time?

A: Mass production time needs 2-3 weeks.


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Plastic sealed, cardboard box, able to be customized at customers' requests applications

Delivery Detail:Within 15days after order confirmed


About us 

1、Sailing paper locate in shenzhen China,specializes in coating and converting of thermal paper, carbon less paper, label rolls both plain and printed, etc. We are an exporter in this particular line for many years.

2、Our goal: Exceeding your expectations

3、Sailing paper strives to help you on saving your time and money .


Your inquire will be answered within 24 hours.Any inquiries we are happy to reply, pls send your questions and orders. Wishing to be your long-business partner.

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