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    2024 Canton Fair


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    2024 Canton Fair

    2024-04-29 15:59:29
    2024 Canton Fair884

    Shenzhen Sailing Paper Co., Ltd. 2024 Canton Fair

    From 1 to 5 May 2024, Shenzhen Sailing Paper Co., Ltd.will participate in the exhibition in Guangzhou, Booth No. 9.3D 30/31, we sincerely invite you to visit our booth to discuss the application and technological innovation of thermal paper and label materials, market trends and development, as well as sustainability and environmental protection and other topics.
    As one of the largest suppliers of thermal paper and label materials in China, sailing stands at the forefront of packaging printing and continues to provide customers with growing printing needs, optimising its products and services to ensure that customers receive high quality printing results and improve productivity; at the exhibition, we will be showcasing the latest product technologies and solutions, as well as our commitment to sustainable development. We look forward to having an in-depth conversation with you on how we can better meet our customers' needs and drive the industry forward.
    THERMAL PAPER: Thermal paper is a special fine paper that is coated with a material that changes colour locally when heated, without the use of ink. It is used in thermal printers, especially in inexpensive devices such as, cash registers, credit card terminals and small lightweight portable printers.
    THERMAL LABELS: Thermal labels are a common type of labels that use heat-sensitive paper or heat-sensitive coatings to print patterns, text or barcodes by heat transfer. These labels are usually used in the fields of merchandise packaging, logistic marking, and barcode printing. It has the features of no ink cartridge or ribbon, high speed printing, clear image, durability, energy saving and environmental protection, and strong applicability.
    LABEL MATERIALS : there are many types of label materials, for different application scenarios and needs, you can choose different types of materials, Sailing will provide you with exclusive solutions according to your requirements, customers will also provide appropriate after-sales service after purchase, no matter what material, adhesive type, grammage, we can meet the needs of customers.
    The Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair) is the largest and oldest fair in China, and is the first of its kind in the world. It is of great significance in promoting international trade, boosting China's economic development, and facilitating international cooperation and exchanges.
    Discounts and gifts: If customers can place orders on-site at the Canton Fair, as well as in the case of a large number of orders, sailing will provide limited-time discounts and gifts!
    Free samples : sailing provides free samples or trials to let customers experience the quality and performance of our products.
    Customised service: sailing as a very professional factory, has a professional R & D team, support OEM / ODM services, according to customer demand tailor-made products or solutions, as well as one-stop after-sales service, choose sailing is to choose professional!
    In this Canton Fair, customers can not only discuss products with us on site, but also arrange time to visit the offline factory and make field visits to understand the production mode of sailing. We will show you the corresponding materials and finished products, show the strength of the factory, and enhance the trust between customers and us. Sailing pays attention to product quality and innovation, as well as service quality, welcome to come to understand!