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Factory custom 1-18” x 3-12”(28mm x 89mm) thermal dymo label

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Dymo label

1. Durable, non-fading, waterproof and oil-proof.
2. A location hole in the middle of every 2 labels to position labels and avoid misprinting.

3. Accept OEM/ODM.

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1.What is Dymo label?
Thermal material has to be printed with a thermal printer, the Dymo LabelWriter. Thermal labels change colour when exposed to heat. Ink or toner are not needed.High-performance DYMO labels handle a wide range of home and office labeling jobs. It  can be pasted on plastic paper, metal, wood and glass. The color and material can be supplied as your request.

2.advantages :
[Strong Adhesive & Crystal Clear Printing]: Using only premium-grade material, so you don’t have to worry about whether the label will fall off during use, or whether the address can recognize such trivial things, which will help your work better.
[Perforated]: We go above and beyond the standard labels sold online. Our premium labels are perforated to allow easier separation between labels.
1.Durable, non-fading waterproof and oil-proof.
2.Abrasion resistant, corrosion resistant.
3.Easy peel and strong adhesive.
4.A location hole in the middle of every 2 labels to position labels and avoid misprinting.


Dymo label

Adhesive Side: Single Sided

62mm*30.48m,or other size,accept custom size




Shipping address. Suitable for ALL Dymo Labelwriter printers




White or CMYK



 asdadad8 asdadad1 asdadad2 asdadad3


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  • product name Product remarks Specifications model Material Packaging Requirements roll/box
    Dymo Labels 25x54mm 11352 Three-proof thermal paper white grid Back printing + punching Single roll black PE bag, big box
    Dymo Labels 13x25mm 11353
    57x32mm 11354
    51x19mm 11355
    41x89mm 11356
    28x89mm 99010
    36x89mm 99012
    54x101mm 99014
    54x70mm 99015
    59x190mm 99019
    104x159mm S0904980
    25x25mm S0929120
    57x57mm 14681
    102x59mm 30256 perforated, no back print
    removable glue 41x89mm 11356 Removable Back printing + punching
    U.S. Edition 102x59mm 30256 perforated, no back print
     European version 59x101mm 330256 Back printing + punching
    19x64mm 1738595 perforated, no back print
    Brother Labels 29*90mm 11201 back print Single roll black PE bag, without stand, in big box
    62mmx100mm 11202
    17mm*87mm 11203
    17*54mm 11204
     38*90mm 11208
    29*62mm 11209
    23mmx23mm 11221
    62mm*30.48m 22205
    102mmx51mm 11240
     102x152mm 11241
    29mmx30.48m 22210
    12mmx30.48m 22214
    102mmx30.48m 22243
    62mmx15.24m 22113 Transparent film
    62mmx15.24m 22606 Thermosynthesis
    62mmx15.24m 22212
    29mmx15.24m 22211
    38mmx30.48m 22225 Three-proof thermal paper white grid




    Q: Are you a direct factory?
    R: We have our own factory which is the most professional in China. OEM/ODM accepted.

    Q: Where’s your factory?
    R: located in zhaoqin City, Guangdong Province.

    Q:Can i get free sample for test?
    R: Free sample. Free design Sample cost refundable.

    Q:What’s the MOQ?
    R:No MOQ required and manufacture price. In stock delivery within 2 days. , support drop shipping.

    Dymo label factory