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China Self Adhesive Label Die Cutting Machine Automatic Paper

Short Description:

Product Name:Adhesive sticker die cutting & slitting machine 
Applicable Industries:Printing and packaging industry
slitting speed:120m/min
Max. paper feeding width:100-350mm 
Min. die-cutting width:15mm
Max. unreeling diameter:Φ800mm
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    <About Sailing Paper>
    Sailing Paper is pos thermal paper supplier who has a renowned name in the paper manufacturing and distribution business. With a commitment to excellence that goes beyond industry standards, the company has been setting sail on a mission to provide top-tier paper products to a global clientele.
    Our factory mainly deals with thermal paper, thermal paper jumbo rolls, carbonless copy paper, thermal labels, thermal label jumbo rolls, shipping labels,label materials , thermal paper slitting machine ,die cutting slitting machine and so on.

    <About adhesive sticker die cutting & slitting machine>
    Self-adhesive die cutting and slitting machines are specialised machines used for cutting, die cutting and slitting self-adhesive materials. These machines play a key role in the production of self-adhesive
    labels,stickers,tapes, packaging materials and other adhesive materials.
    It has below characteristic: Dual reeling function(big roll, small roll), automatic paper feeding, Independent ultrasonic skew adjustment, automatic
    tension control,
    automatic quantity counting, automatic metering counting, non-paper shut-down,drawer type replacement of magnetic shaft, servo waste discharge gathering, waste discharge with unreeling roll, entire
    machine PLC controlled.

    Key Features:
    ACCURACY: Self-adhesive die cutting and slitting machines are capable of cutting and die cutting different shapes of materials with high accuracy, ensuring that each finished product is consistent.
    High Efficiency: These machines can handle large quantities of material in a short period of time, increasing productivity.
    Versatility: They are suitable for a wide range of self-adhesive materials and can meet the needs of different industries, including packaging, labelling, printing and manufacturing.
    Automation: Many self-adhesive die-cutting and slitting machines have automated features that allow cutting parameters, patterns and lengths to be set, reducing human intervention by the operator.
    Safety: Equipment is often equipped with safety devices to protect operators from accidental injury

    Industry Applications:
    We are china die cutting machine manufacturers and Self-adhesive die cutting slitting machines are used in a wide range of applications in several industries, including label and packaging manufacturing, printing, food packaging, medical device manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, textile and apparel manufacturing, and more. They are used to produce a variety of products such as labels, stickers, packaging materials, circuit boards, medical labels, food packaging and more.


    The self-adhesive die-cutting and slitting machine (HX350MF) is a powerful, efficient and precise machine for a wide range of industries, especially in areas that require high-precision cutting and die-cutting. Its automation features, high speed production, programmable control, as well as durability and safety make it the machine of choice for many companies, helping to improve productivity and product quality!


    Q: Are you a factory or trading company?

    A: We are the biggest converting factory in south of China


    Q: Can you do design for me?

    A: our professional designer will make artwork for cartons and printing.


    Q: Can I have a sample order for paper roll?

    A: sample pacakge with different quality are free for picking up 


    Q: What about the lead time?

    A: Mass production time needs 2-3 weeks.


    Packaging & Delivery


    Packaging Detail:Plastic sealed, cardboard box, able to be customized at customers' requests applications


    Delivery Detail:Within 15days after order confirmed

    About us 


    1、Sailing paper locate in shenzhen China,specializes in coating and converting of thermal paper, carbon less paper, label rolls both plain and printed, etc. We are an exporter in this particular line for many years.

    2、Our goal: Exceeding your expectations

    3、Sailing paper strives to help you on saving your time and money .


    Your inquire will be answered within 24 hours.Any inquiries we are happy to reply, pls send your questions and orders. Wishing to be your long-business partner.



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