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About Us

Sailing corporation has companies in China including Sailing, Petra, factories in both China

It focus on production and export of printing, packaging andlogistic consumables

It has deep connections with agents, exclusive distributorsworldwide

lt aims at solutions for customers to manage and improve theirbusiness in a more efficient way and onlong term basis

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Company Profile

Since our foundation in 2005, Sailing has grown from a local paper converter into an internationalcompany that has production based both in China and Malaysia. After realization of our original dream to provide customers with the most competitive thermal paper and label stickers, today's Sailing aims at offering customers one stop service of office printing, consumables for packing, logistics, supermarkets, with our main products including thermal labels, shipping labels,label materials,thermal paper, thermal paper jumbo roll, A4 label, computer form, ect.

 Our production range in China covers coating, printing and die cut of label adhesive paper made with different materials including BOPP, PE, PVC, all kinds of sythetic paper, used as medicine labels, wine labels, bottle labels, food labels, shipping label, scale labels, etc. With agents, sole agents, warehouses established in countries like USA, Saudi Arabia, U A E, Bangladesh, Nigeria, equipped with fast improving product category every year, Sailing is doing its best to support customers to win bigger market share with their own competitiveness. Sailing’s own brand THEMRAL STAR represents for superior quality, lowest price, plus second day delivery, is been shipped to every corner in the world on a daily basis. The growth and success of Sailing International Limited is the result of our professional approach to customer service and our consistent reliability in providing exceptional printing and logistic solutions on time and on budget.

dubai Dubai Warehouse

Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 1, Dubai, UAE Exwork price without VAT, without delivery.

HoustonHouston Warehouse


saudiRiyadh Warehouse

Manakh King Abdulaziz Park Exwork price without VAT, without delivery.

BranchBranch Office

57/A,Mugda,Manda,Madinabag,Dhaka ,Bangladesh

MalaysiaMalaysia Office

Actan (Malaysia)Sdn.Berhad Lot 2218,Kampong Jaya Industrial Area Jalan Kusta,47000 Sungai Buloh Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia lan Tan

worldwideOverseas Branch

We have offices in Mexico, Spain and Malaysia, welcome to contact us


Factory Tour

One stop supply of printer and packaging consumables for supermarkets, restaurants, logistic companies, B2B online business, etc.

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What we can do together to improve your sales except from support on price, quality and delivery :

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A, brand advertising: if you authorise us francise to produce for your brand, lets advertise product pictures, production vedios on our website, and all social medias and we can send these to you for you to advertise on your websites, catelogs as well. If you have no brand recognised by your customer, lets build it up together for you

B, give your customers more choice of paper type and sizes : there are different thermal roll size and gsm on your market that is supplied by your competitors, if you only focus on one type, you cannot fulfill different requests when special requests and customers come to you. Lets explain to you what your competitors are buying and together make a long term plan for 2022

C, build up sales team, if you are doing purchase, sales, accouting, all by yourself, its time you need a sales team to help you on marketing and following customers more closely, the purchase is based on sales, if you now have no idea about 2022 purchase, its time setting up a meeting with sales team and take their own planning about new year sales target

D, find an investor and prepare for a bigger warehouse, bigger turnover means more cash flow, if you are not ready to invest by yourself, its time to find an investor so you can start drawing a bigger picture about more containers, bigger warehouse, more sales persons, and for sure more profit

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E, add more profitable products and increase your business range , if you find thermal paper is profitable business, much congrats goes to you, if not, its time to check except from thermal paper what else we can provide to customers and lets try to offer one stop solutions for your customers and with time going on, you may find these customers are more stable than before because it costs them more to change a supplier after you can provide more solutions for them

F, finally , your time is what makes up the biggest expense when you do this international business so let Sailing be your consultative supplier and you keep more valuable time for yourself to investigate into more valuable business

Thank you all !

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