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What is a shipping label

What is a shipping label?

A shipping label is a type of identification label that helps describe and identify the contents of a container or a package. These labels contain crucial information like addresses, names, weight, and tracking barcodes.

Sailing specializes in producing shipping labels (thermal labels), with clear handwriting, strong stickiness, and custom functions such as water-proof and oil-proof.

Size: 4×6 inch, 6×3 inch, 4×4 inch or custom

What is the purpose of a shipping label?

The sole purpose of a shipping label is to ensure your package reaches its destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. Each player along the shipping supply chain requires its own type of information. So, in addition to being incredibly difficult to peel off that box you want to reuse, shipping labels are also designed to be incredibly efficient at displaying a lot of information in a relatively small space.

How do shipping labels work, exactly?

For the most part they all include the same standardized information. There are only three types of shipping label information a sender is responsible for providing:

Your and the recipient’s name and address

The level of service requested/purchased (Priority, Overnight, Two-day, etc.)

OneCode: Contains all the information needed for delivery, readable from any direction by a scanner

Level of Service: Displays method of delivery purchased from the carrier

Name and address of sender/recipient

Machine/Human-readable Tracking Number: Allows carrier/customer to track package

Custom Area: Allows for brief custom messages

Post time: Jun-27-2022