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Custom logo printed fragile clear brown kraft packing tape

Short Description:

Strong viscosity high transparency not easy to break low haze

Name:  Packing tape

Features:  Strong viscosity  good toughness

Quantity: The number of full cases is different for different sizes

Packing:  6 rolls / packet 48 rolls / case

Size:  Multiple specifications are available

Color: White background red, white background blue, yellow background red, transparent, yellow background




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What is adhesive tape
A transparent adhesive tape is formed of a transparent adhesive film and a releasing paper for holding removably the transparent adhesive film. The underside of the transparent adhesive film is coated with an adhesive

Super Thick & Strong Shipping Tape: Results in Industrial grade adhesive holding power. Adhesive sticks to smooth and textured surfaces especially on cardboard and carton materials
Extra Adhesive & Transparency Packing Tape: Our tape is more tightly wound, and the selection of high-quality raw materials makes our tape good adhesion and strong toughness, without worrying about hollowing and deformation. Also with transparent and good visibility, low fog point, and the texture behind is clearly visible.
Without Chemically Smell Clear Moving Tape : Different from other competitors, since we use environmentally & friendly glue, the tape does not have any chemical smell, please rest assured to use
Multi Purpose Tape: It can be used for home removals, shipping, sealing storage and organizing household items.
Easy To Use: Easy to start the clear silent packing tape rolls, will not split out rip during application, use with easily and save your packing time.

Item adhesive tape
Feature waterproof
Material Bopp
Width 48mm/50mm/100mm/1200mm or OEM
Accept OEM,ODM
Color CMYK
Logo Custom
Use Carton Sealing
Free Sample Yes




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Good adhesion
Super sticky, more resistant, firm, not loose

Strong pull
Our direct sales, quality assurance, strong pull, difficult to pull off

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Tightly intertwined
The winding is tight and the sealing degree is high

Good transparency
Low haze, clear background texture

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