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Custom adhesive waterproof sticker roll printing bottle label

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Our advantages?
We have a powerful factory and a variety of the most advanced digital printing machines in the world, which is one of the largest printing factories in China. With this advantage, you can print your samples in only 30 minutes, with beautiful printing and no color difference, and even Even the tiny font patterns can be printed very clearly. Of course, the biggest advantage is that there is no MOQ, and if you place a large order, we will give you a free gift. Regarding the quality you care about most, you can rest assured that we use non-toxic environmentally friendly glue.
Customized self-adhesive labels of various materials, support light customization, low MOQ, professional and scientific production process and equipment, provide customers with a full set of integrated solutions for packaging consumables and personalized servicesconsumables and Personalized service.

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Packing & Shipping

Shipping: everything you needto know
we want you to get your package as quickly andaffordably as possible, whether you ordered way inadvance or need your product ASAP.
Here you could contact us for your shipping options.
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Custom Adhesive Paper

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Bottle Label

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Kraft Paper Labels

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Laser Adhesive

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Electric Scale Label

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Full Printing Technics

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The Production Workshop

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Customer Evaluation

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