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Custom 12″x15.5″ Shipping Envelopes Courier Packing Poly Mailers Bag

Short Description:

Poly mailers are the go-to for many e-commerce brands shipping soft goods

Used : Clothing, beddings, phone cases, jewelry, toys, books, etcs.

Size : 12×15.5 inch, or custom

Color : pink, black, or CMYK color

Materials : polyethylene material or other


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Advantages :
Convenient & Economical: The packaging bags can be sealed within a few seconds by peeling and exposing the glue, without the need for packing tape and pulse sealing machine. Plastic custom mailing bags are a great alternative to bulky and expensive shipping boxes.Mailing envelopes are light-weight and space-saving, which can help you save on postage and shipping costs.

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Thick express bag with new materialRaw material: new PE material
Thickness: thickened
Surface: smoothColor: white light
Specification (W x L + Sealing):17X25+4cm, 20X28+4cm, 25X34+5cm.28X37+5cm.32X40+4cm.38x47+5cm, 42×50+4cm, 45X55+4cm.47x58+4cm, 55x65+4cm.60x80+5cm

2.New formula white express bagRaw material: new formula PEmaterialThickness: normal, thickened
Surface: Smooth
Color. white matte
Specification (W xL + Sealing):17X25+4cm, 20X28+4cm, .25X34+5cm.28X36+4cm.32x40+4cm.38x46+4cm, 42X50+4cm, 45X55+4cm

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3.Economy grey express bagRaw material: primary recycled materialThickness: normal, thickened
Surface: Smooth
Color: matte grey
Specification (Wx L+ Sealing): 17X25+4cm, 20X28+4cm, 25X34+5cm.28x36+4cm. 32x40+4cm. 38x46+4cm, 42×50+4cm.45X55+4cm.47x58+4cm, 55x65+4cm.60x80+5cm

Can be customized

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Toughness Test
Pull hard, not easy to break
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Focus Ls More Professional
Through the selection of high-quality new materials and processtechnology improvement and upgrading.
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Zoom In On The Details
Smooth surface, no particle sense, good gloss,therebyreducing friction damage.
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The Production Workshop
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Packing & Shipping
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  • White (new material) Thickness Gram weight (100 pcs/bundle) Fluorescent green pink brown (new material) Thickness Gram weight (100 pcs/bundle)
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