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3 6 12 Channel 100mmx20m Medical Thermal Ecg Paper

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ECG Paper is for 3 Channel EKG or ECG Machines

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Waterproof and moisture-proof, more careful packaging, more safe transportatio , large diameter, small tube core, meter length.
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Our Factory
Sailing group has companies in China including Sailing, Evergreen, Petra, factoriesin both China and
Malaysia lt focus on production and export of printing, packaging and logistic consumables
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Channel Paper Type Paper Size
Single Channel Roll 50mm*20/30m
Z-fold 50mm*100mm-300sheet
Three Channel Roll 63mm*130mm
Z-fold 90mm*90mm-200 sheet
Six Channel Z-fold 110mm*140mm-20m
110mm*140mm-200 sheet
Twelve Channel Roll 210mm*30m
Z-fold 210mm*140mm-20m/200 sheet
210mm*280mm-200 sheet
210mm*295mm-200 sheet
210mm*300mm-200 sheet

*Please contact customer service for various sizes
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Clean die cutting and straight Z-folding
Protect machine frim damage

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Precise gridline and spacing
Accurate sensor mark

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Red, orange, green color

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Dark and vivid print outover 10 years image durability

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