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How to verify the authenticity of thermal paper?

How to verify the authenticity of thermal paper?

   Recently, when Xiao Bian browsed a certain treasure shop, I found that there was a store selling thermal paper that was very cheap. Xiao Bian felt very strange at the time. When I looked down the comment, I found that the quality of the thermal paper was not good. To a netizen's picture, Xiaobian understands that this product is a fake and shoddy product. In order to prevent everyone from being deceived by unscrupulous merchants, below, Xiaobian teaches you how to check the authenticity of thermal paper.

Characteristics of counterfeit and shoddy products

    The characteristics of these products are: thermal paper has a very short storage time. Nowadays, some fake and shoddy products on the market are very thin and easily damaged, which affects stability. If the storage environment is not good, these products may even appear: a thermal paper that has not been used can not be used.

    First, the color method

    According to Xiaobian's experience, if the thermal paper is found to be too white, it means that this is a serious product. Because the coating material of the thermal paper is not pure white, the white color is achieved by adding too much fluorescent agent. Like some copy papers, these additives will occur with the thermal coating of the thermal paper. The reaction affects the stability of the bar code printer, and may also cause the thickness of the heat-sensitive coating to be less than required, and shorten the shelf life of the printing effect. A good thermal paper surface should be able to see a little green or dark green. At the same time, the paper should be as smooth as possible, and the consistency of the product coating is consistent with the bar code printer and stability.

   Second, the heating method

   When you are inspecting the goods, use a lighter to heat the back of the paper for a while, and manually imitate the printing (the thermal coating changes with heat). If the color of the heated paper is very uniform, the product is good. If the color is very light, the product barcode printer is very general. If the ambient temperature is high and there is no lighter, you can use your nails to draw on the paper. The color change effect of the scratched part can provide a reference for your purchase.

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